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$ brew tap crossroadlabs/tap
$ brew install swift-express

Native development environment

Being the native platform for Swift language, OS X with xCode features the best development experience yet. iOS and OS X developers will be pleased with a familiar environment.

$ calc installation options
> no simple way found yet

Best for production

OK, we are working on creating a one-two lines installation approach. Meanwhile, consider following this guide, please.

Web Applications

Express is great for web applications. This site is a living proof. Tremendous performance and feature rich ecosystem. iOS developers will also benefit from the familiar development environment and language using the knowledge they already have.


Every iOS app needs a server side API today. Swift Express provides an easy and natural way to create RESTful JSON and XML APIs using the very same language, toolset and libraries you are already using for iOS development. What could be easier?


Swift is a compiled language. That's it. No virtual machines, no scripts. Just pure performance. Swift Express leverages all the computing power it can get directly from the CPU. No performance killers approach makes the difference. Give it a try.


Swift is a language, born with Apple's usual quality stamp. Even considering it's rather young, it already shows awesome results. Made with developer's productivity in mind it's quickly becoming one of the most widespread languages today.

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